Entering Post 16 education involves a challenging transition from I/GCSE or equivalent to Sixth form study, whether A Level, BTEC or a combination of the two. To ensure that this transition is smooth we have an experienced and committed pastoral team who will provide support and advice to help students achieve their goals and reach the right decisions at this critical stage. With high levels of expertise in specialist subjects, our teaching faculty offer first class teaching and guidance. All of our students receive individual attention regarding the university application procedure and a network of contacts at universities across the UK and worldwide assist in securing their futures.

We have incorporated many exciting opportunities to enable all students to take an active part in the life of the school and develop their own personal interests and pursuits. Student leadership opportunities are numerous, through the prefect team and the many committees that enhance school and community life, from the Charities Committee to the Environment Committee. We encourage all students to make the most of the opportunities provided, to build an excellent CV that will strengthen their university applications.

Our aim in the Sixth Form is to help prepare our students to adjust to new global academic demands and the fast pace of their final years at school. We expect that most of our students will move onto study in higher education and take up places at universities and colleges worldwide.

To help our students through this process in the Sixth Form the school will: 

Provide a world class education
Ensure full preparation for application to college/university
Develop academic potential to the full 
Increase confidence and sense of independence 
Help develop individuals into responsible young adults