Beyond BSB is an innovative multi-faceted enrichment programme which aims to develop the skills and interests of all students within the BSB Senior School in order to ensure that they are successful when they enter their chosen university and careers.

In addition to academic study, we offer students:

- Mini-MBA: Aimed at students who aspire to a career in Business or Business Management.
- The Inspired Project: A personal investigation project for students in Year 10 and Year 12. Pupils are expected to devise and complete their own project being supervised by their chosen subject mentor.
- Enrichment Lecture Series: An enriching, weekly, university-level lecture programme, currently delivered via live streaming as a MOOC. Students take part in a variety of academic talks about exciting and engaging topics.
- Subject Enrichment courses: A short programme designed to enhance applications to the world's most prestigious universities, including preparation for entrance assessment.
- University guidance counselling provision 
- Personal skills and Personal Profile seminars
- Global Business etiquette seminars

The enrichment lecture series schedule is available to all students, staff and parents via our weekly senior school blog.