Children’s wellbeing is essential to their educational success. BSB retains the family atmosphere that we have enjoyed since the school began, over twenty-five years ago, in a private villa with a handful of students. The form teacher is each child’s first point of contact for pastoral matters. Heads of Year, and Deputy Head Teachers, are there to support, along with the specially trained School Counsellors, and the Head Teacher. Any of our children will tell you that they are happy at the BSB, and we will tell you that we are delighted to have every one of our students, old and new, as part of our school.

The Junior School has a dedicated School Nurse, who is on hand to help with anything that arises, and keeps an up-to-date record of children’s particular medical needs.
BSB staff are approachable and supportive, chatting frequently with parents and guardians at afternoon pick-up time, keeping families up to date and helping to find solutions whenever they are needed.

95 %
of students say they feel safe and supported at school
dedicated School Counsellors responsible to support your child
staff responsible for the care of your child