Kindergarten in Hamala, Bahrain

kindergarten head teacher
Welcome to the BSB Infants School

Our community of teachers, parents, children and support staff includes people from a very wide range of backgrounds and nationalities. A sense of mutual respect and warmth is fundamentally important to us at all levels.

Academically, children are very much treated as individuals, with their own strengths, weaknesses and quirks. They are encouraged to do their "very best" in everything they undertake. We have found that our high challenge/low stress environment tends to bring the best out in our pupils.

Although we take teaching and learning very seriously indeed we are in no doubt that a sense of humour is a vital ingredient in any infant school. Teachers are approachable and genuinely interested in children. It would be rare to see any teacher or assistant crossing the playground at break-time without stopping for an informal chat with a group of children.

Our aim is for children to be secure in themselves as individuals, enthusiastic collaborators and open communicators. We are proud of the fact that visitors to the school often comment that the children appear to be sociable, unspoiled and in some ways refreshingly unsophisticated.

— Mrs Julie Anne Gilbert, Head Teacher of Infant School