Student Leadership & Behaviour

Student Council

Our Student Council is a very important part of the fabric of the school. It gives our students an opportunity to develop management and leadership skills and to participate in the development of student facilities. Each form group from Year 3 upwards has two representatives and the council has an executive committee, which steers the work of the group. All positions are filled by direct elections from the student body.

Student Parliament

In the Juniors each class has a class student representative who attends the junior school parliament at which they contribute to school improvement.

Prefect System

We expect our senior students to be good role models for our younger students. We are proud of the contribution they make to the leadership of our school. We offer our senior students the opportunity to contribute to school life through the Prefect System. These positions are filled by a joint process of selection and direct election by the staff and students.

Senior Prefect Leadership Team

In the Junior and Senior schools, Head Prefects are appointed to lead student prefect and student parliament groups. They are known as the prefect leadership team in the Senior School.

Digital Leaders

In Juniors and Seniors, we appoint students to provide leadership with the use of IT who support learning using digital technology.


In the Junior School, Eco-Rangers are appointed. They endeavour to make the school as eco-friendly as possible.

Our expectations of student behaviour

The standard of behaviour amongst our students is very high and we have a strong tradition of teachers and parents working together to promote good behaviour.

At our private school in Bahrain we aim to teach, enable and encourage our students to develop positive attitudes, good manners, care and respect for others, self-control and the ability and willingness to be accountable for their actions. We make our expectations clear to students and we expect them to take responsibility for their behaviour. Students have a responsibility to choose the appropriate behaviour. Failure to do so does have consequences.

No bullying

We are committed to a school environment that is free from any form of harassment, intimidation or bullying.

We believe that every member of our community has the basic entitlement to enjoy life at school free from the kind of behaviour that is classified as bullying. Any member of our community who fails to respect this basic right can expect action to be taken. We define bullying as wilful and/or persistent behaviour that results in someone being physically or emotionally hurt, intimidated, frightened or humiliated. This includes all incidents of cyber bullying whether via using mobile phones or the internet.

The ethos of our school is one of care, respect and consideration towards others. Aggressive and threatening behaviour does not foster consideration for others and will not be tolerated.

We address the issue of bullying in the curriculum, in class, tutor groups and in assemblies and the message is reinforced whenever such behaviour becomes apparent.

We expect our students to report any incidents of disruption, bullying or any other form of harassment to a member of staff. Being a bystander to incidents of bullying is to be complicit in the bullying behaviour.

If you suspect that your child is being bullied or is bullying other children please contact their form tutor who will work with you to resolve the matter quickly and effectively. We deal with such issues with sensitivity and confidentiality. All reported cases of bullying will be taken seriously and dealt with in an appropriate manner.


  • Rewards

The school’s ethos of encouragement is central to the promotion of good behaviour. Rewards are one means of achieving this. They have a motivational role in helping pupils to realise that good behaviour is valued. Integral to the system of rewards is an emphasis on praise, both informal and formal, to individuals and groups. We promote good behaviour and celebrate success through our:

Display of student work
Our House system
Certificates of Achievement
Recognition of achievement in assemblies and in school blogs
The annual Prize-Giving Event to which parents are invited