Empowering Responsible and Compassionate Leaders

We are committed to offering fulfilling opportunities for students to contribute to the school community. Student leadership positions instil valuable skills that empower young individuals and prepare them to manage others. Additionally, those who fulfil leadership roles feel a sense of pride in their community and show empathy towards their peers.

Leadership Roles and Student Responsibilities


Student Council


Student Parliament


Prefect System

senior prefect leadership bahrain

Senior Prefect Leadership Team


Digital Leaders




Expectations of Student Behaviour


Anti-Bullying Policy


The school’s ethos of encouragement is central to promoting good behaviour. Rewards are one means of achieving this as they motivate pupils to demonstrate positive habits and help pupils to realise that good behaviour is valued. Integral to the system of rewards is an emphasis on informal and formal praise. We promote the good conduct of individuals and groups and celebrate success through:

  • Displays of student work
  • Our House System
  • Certificates of achievement
  • Recognition of achievement in assemblies and in school blogs
  • The annual Prize-Giving Event, to which parents are invited

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