Encouraging Belonging in our Community

As valued members of our school community, students are expected to be proud of their appearance. Our school uniform was designed to be comfortable, smart and practical for the local environment. 

Uniforms are available for purchase at the BSB Uniform Shop, located near the school's main entrance. To ensure that lost items can promptly be returned to the rightful owner, we request that parents label all clothing with the student's name and class.

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Uniform Shop Hours

Saturday to Thursday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Telephone: +973 17610824

Please note: The shop respects all public, religious and school holidays in accordance with the school. The above shop hours are not applicable to school holidays. The shop will, however be open a few days during any school holiday before school resumes for a new term. Please contact the shop or the reception desk at the school to confirm these dates.

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