A Caring Community

At our international school, we pride ourselves on helping students achieve academic excellence by supporting them at each stage of their development. To meet this objective, we provide outstanding pastoral care to every learner in our student body. 

All staff at the school are committed to the ethos of 'whole child development'. We recognise the importance of creating optimal conditions so that each student can maximise their potential. In addition to the 300 staff at the school, who are responsible for safeguarding our student community, children are also supported by 3 dedicated school counsellors. 

Home-From-Home Learning Environment

Children’s well-being is essential to their educational success. We have retained the family atmosphere that has defined the school for over 25 years and has led us from a private villa, with just a handful of students, to a thriving international community. 

Across all divisions, Form Teachers act as the first point of contact for students and can assist with pastoral matters. Heads and Deputy Heads are also available to provide support alongside specially-trained School Counsellors.


Support 360

Academic Support and Counselling services are available to all students who attend our school. As experienced educators, we recognise that, at times, students may be presented with personal challenges. We aim to empower learners in all aspects of their lives by providing accessible, tailored guidance. 

Support 360 is a comprehensive service offered by our well-being team. This service is a collaborative endeavour led by counselling professionals, pastoral and academic staff, key faculty members, and external agencies. 

Support 360 is underpinned by an ethos that promotes well-being and celebrates diversity. It aims to meet our students' needs by giving them the confidence to share their concerns so that appropriate strategies can be applied to resolve them in the most beneficial way possible.

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