Health and Wellbeing

To create an outstanding learning environment, we believe it is crucial that every student is healthy, happy and safe. Our exceptional pastoral care supports each individual student in their wellbeing, health and mindfulness, to maximise their potential for attainment and progress. 

At our school in Bahrain, we encourage good eating habits and an appreciation of healthy food. The School Cafeteria offers a variety of balanced and nutritional meals every day for our students and staff.  Students also have the option to bring their own food to school. 

BSB aims to be a Nut-Free school. We do not allow nuts or nut products in school lunch boxes. 

The Academic support and Counselling at BSB  recognises and promotes that the greatest strength lies in a structure of support rather than battling everyday challenges alone.

Encouraging learning diversities, providing access to learning success for all, tailored support, guidance and assisting with emotional wellbeing and processes of socialisation are all ways of describing what the academic and counselling services at BSB do, but their intention stretches much further than this.

Counselling support is available to all year group should students need extra pastoral help. School Counsellors work closely with Heads of Year and teachers to ensure support is provided where it is needed.

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