Building a Solid Foundation for Them to Thrive

Our school is reputed to offer the best UK-based education in Bahrain. As experienced educators, we understand that in addition to delivering a stellar curriculum, teachers are responsible for supporting learners to become well-rounded, knowledgeable young people.

As an inclusive school, we are family-oriented and pride ourselves on our close relationships with parents. Our nurturing environment gives children the space and freedom to embrace their individuality and they achieve great things as a result.

We offer a well-balanced foundation from Nursery to Sixth Form. The school's Three Pillar Approach centres on Academics, Sports and Creative Arts and offers meaningful opportunities for students to not only gain broad-ranging skills but the personal qualities they need to thrive.


Our Mission

Our school will continue to be an Inspired school;

Be a dynamic school that students, staff, parents, and alumni are proud of;

Continue to guarantee the highest possible pastoral and academic standards for students who aspire to attend the best universities in the world and become global leaders in their chosen fields;

Develop globally-minded individuals who desire to live in an interconnected world;

Maintain our ethos of innovation and the professional development of staff;

Continue to achieve high academic results ensuring significant added value for every student. 

We aim to accomplish the above while maintaining the school’s welcoming culture and prioritising the well-being of every individual in our community.

Our Vision

Our school's vision is to continue delivering exceptional student outcomes as the leading school in Bahrain. We seek to utilise our status as a member of the Inspired Group of premium schools to offer a world-class education rooted in character-forming values and a student-centred ethos.


Our Core Values

Our school's core values of Excellence, Responsibility & Individuality underpin everything that we do and are epitomised by our three pillars of Academics, Sports and Creative Arts. Among many other values, our students develop integrity, passion & creativity, ambition, kindness, community, commitment, self-belief, resilience and honesty.

These traditional values allow the young learners in our community to strive towards cultivating an improved world while at school, and when they graduate.

Globally Connected

The British School of Bahrain is a proud member of Inspired, a leading global prestigious group of over 80+ schools operating in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. This connection enables our students to benefit from opportunities globally across the Inspired network.

Internationally Minded

While the British School of Bahrain follows a British Curriculum model, it is a truly international school. The British School of Bahrain is a warm, respectful and diverse community where every person can develop individually.

A Caring Environment

The British School of Bahrain prides itself on its caring environment, in which every student is able to grow into the leaders of the future. We believe that happiness is the ‘soil’ in which all children grow. Our personalised learning approach focuses on each child and supports them to develop a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

family oriented school bahrain

An All Through School Located on One Campus

Family is a key part of what makes the British School of Bahrain such a successful school. Having entire families on one campus is important to us. The interaction between different age groups, and the subsequent role modelling that this enables, is integral to the British School of Bahrain Values and what makes us feel like a family.

Our parents are encouraged to take an active part in the School, and for many it is a hub of engagement and activity; with the British School of Bahrain Cafe open throughout the day to support this. Voluntary parental groups, such as the British School of Bahrain Parent Community Ambassadors (PCA), and the Parent Advisory Group (PAG) provide further opportunities for engagement.

Equally important to The British School of Bahrain, is our positive impact on our local community. The School always seeks to develop the values of empathy and philanthropy within the students through charity projects. Students lead projects and work alongside a number of local organisations.


"I have been a BSB parent for over 5 years. I have always found staff to be friendly, supportive and professional. Over the years, the strong ethos of building a community and continually trying to work together has allowed us to develop strong relationships with the staff and parents."


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