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Heads of School

At the British School of Bahrain, we offer an Outstanding education for students from 3 to 18 years of age, all within one purpose built campus. Our school is divided into three sections, each led by a Head of School and overseen by our Executive Headmaster.

Mrs. Julie Anne Gilbert

Head of Infant School

Infant School

Nursery (Pre-K)
Reception (KG 1)
Year 1 (KG2)
Year 2 (Grade 1)

Middle school head teacher
Mr. Rob Howe

Head of Junior School

Junior School

Year 3 (Grade 2)
Year 4 (Grade 3)
Year 5 (Grade 4)
Year 6 (Grade 5)

High School in Bahrain
Mr. Wayne Ridgway

Head of Senior School

Senior School

Year 7 (Grade 6)
Year 8 (Grade 7)
Year 9 (Grade 8)
Year 10 (Grade 9)
Lower 6th
Upper 6th


May I extend my warmest welcome to the British School of Bahrain. I am incredibly proud to be the Executive Headmaster of such a prestigious and successful school. While BSB occupies a beautiful modern campus in the ever-developing area of Hamala, it is the students, staff and parents that make this school what it is. Our school in Bahrain was founded on an ethos of a caring, supportive and fun environment that nurtures every child.

Many years have passed since the school's inception, but this ethos remains strong. It is this that drew me to the School and the aspect of our school that I relish every day. It is also what draws so many parents to choose BSB over all other schools within the region.

The BSB students are a delight – they are hardworking, inquisitive, caring and imaginative. We aspire to develop happy, well-rounded, confident students through our supportive pastoral environment. With over 90 nationalities, we are a truly international school, and our value of individuality is evident in our inclusive atmosphere that respects every person.

The School is renowned for its innovative teaching, its use of technology and its culture of academic enrichment that culminates in the exciting Beyond BSB programme. Our students graduate to some of the world's best universities, equipped with both the knowledge and skills that will enable them to be leaders in their chosen careers. I look forward to welcoming you to our campus, where you can meet some students and talk to our staff. We are incredibly proud of our relationship with our parents, and this often begins with a school tour.


— Mr. John Maguire, Executive Headmaster

Discover why parents have trusted us for over 26 years

“Truly a model school in Bahrain. We are happy and proud to have our child go to BSB”

— Batool, BSB Parent

“I am very happy that I placed my child in BSB from Nursery to Sixth Form. It is a school that allows them to explore and learn with peers from different nationalities" 

— Dana, BSB Senior School parent

“I’ve had a remarkable learning experience at BSB, which has fulfilled my educational needs by providing an exuberant environment to excel in, and has nurtured me into who I am today. I’m very grateful for all the teachers that have been part of my journey, supporting me and acting as key catalysts for my success and accomplishments.”

— Atta, Year 13 Student

"I have been a BSB parent for over 5 years. I have always found staff to be friendly, supportive and professional. Over the years, the strong ethos of building a community and continually trying to work together has allowed us to develop strong relationships with the staff and parents."

— Rekha, BSB parent and part of the Parent Community Committee

"My son's smile shows me how he really feels about being a student at the British School of Bahrain. The school is his second home if not his first, and we parents and our kids absolutely love BSB"

— Nehad, BSB Parent

Our Philosophy

The British School of Bahrain is renowned for offering the best holistic UK based education within Bahrain. BSB’s core values of Excellence, Responsibility and Individuality underpin everything that we do and are epitomised by our three pillars of Academics, Sports and Creative Arts. Our School in Bahrain prides itself on its close relationship with its parents and we work collaboratively to create a nurturing environment that allows every student to fulfil their potential.


Through doing as well as knowing;
Through constantly challenging ourselves to do better;
Through our determination to succeed;
Through our perseverance in the face of challenge; and
Through our enjoyment of learning.

bsb values-11

For our own learning.
For our words and actions.
For our local and international community.


By ensuring a variety of approaches to teaching and learning.
By showing respect for other people’s opinions, beliefs and traditions.
By exploring different approaches to solving problems.
By promoting team spirit and diversity.

Lead by example

BSB Education

A BSB education is designed to nurture the values and character of individuals as well as their academic, sporting and artistic talents. Our students lead by example with a commitment to community action and philanthropy. Each student is encouraged to have a strong ethical drive and to positively change the world around them. BSB students are happy, courageous, innovative, determined, original and kind. They have passion and a keen sense of the world they want to live in and how they should improve it.




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