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More international awards for The British School of Bahrain, this time for Student Wellbeing.

The British School of Bahrain (BSB), the leading British school in the Kingdom, has won yet another prestigious award. In 2022, the BSB community celebrated numerous achievements, including the Global GESS Award, Bahrain Education Award for Innovation, and of course, the plethora of student awards for examination results, including three 'Best in the World' awards, which is more than any other school in Bahrain. The celebrations at BSB continue in 2023, with the news of a prestigious International School Award (ISA), a highly-acclaimed set of awards open to all schools around the world.


Following a rigorous process of submissions, presentations and video entries, the British School of Bahrain has been judged to be the best private school in the world for student wellbeing. BSB's Support360 Programme in the Senior School, which includes "The Hub" and multiple other aspects, shone through against great schools from around the world. BSB's Support360 programme aims to encourage student ambassadors, build inclusivity, student awareness of acceptance and harness full degrees of community support around its students. The British School of Bahrain is already well known within the Kingdom for their welcoming, friendly and inclusive ethos, and this is further enhanced through a wide range of strategies and tools for lifelong wellbeing.

BSB Executive Headmaster John Maguire stated, "BSB always puts individual students at the centre of everything that we do. Student wellbeing and student happiness are the soil in which all students grow. What drives the School forward is our desire to be innovative, exciting and developing, all in the interest of supporting young people to flourish. The Support360 programme grew out of our school's ambitions to be inclusive and strive for excellence"

"Awards are certainly not the motivation behind our initiatives; we already have plenty of that, but they are a great focal point of celebration and global recognition of the excellent work that happens on our campus, with the support of the Inspired Group of schools," added Mr Maguire

"Having moved here from another country, I was delighted by how Support360 ensured my son thrived in all of his subjects. This award is long overdue and certainly testament to BSB’s excellence" A delighted BSB parent commented

The award short-listing had already begun to put the British School of Bahrain on the global map of the world's best schools, and the school has been invited to chair the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) global Wellbeing committee. Based out of London, COBIS are the largest premier global association for British Schools Overseas and are committed to school improvement, safeguarding and supporting schools around the world.