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For every school within Bahrain, the question remains; ‘are the extensive procedures enough to keep their students safe?’ Of course, there are no risk-free options; however, the British School of Bahrain (BSB) does have an advantage in being able to access the experience of other schools within the Inspired educational network, many of whom have opened successfully.

The risk of a student missing out on education and carrying this impact throughout their career is very real, and this is certainly at the forefront of parents’ minds at this time. The pillars of a BSB Education; excellence, responsibility and individuality, can be replicated during virtual learning, however, they are best nurtured within stimulating and vibrant classrooms. This is the reason that returning to the BSB campus is so compelling for many students.

At our private school in Bahrain, friendships will be rekindled, albeit through social distancing. Laughter will once again permeate the corridors and classrooms of the school, slightly muffled by every child’s face covering, but still ever present. Most importantly, life will be breathed into the school and the BSB Community will feel complete again.


BSB has planned meticulously for its campus to reopen. The safety precautions being implemented begin at home, with every student completing a daily BSB Health Check, before journeying to the School’s campus. On arrival, students are greeted by a plethora of innovative strategies to reduce infection. This planning has been welcomed by discerning parents and has supported their decisions for children to resume their learning in person, while feeling happy that risks have been reduced.

As BSB opens its doors once more, it is secure in the knowledge that its planning has been based on international best practice to ensure the safe return of all students.

The British School of Bahrain (BSB) was established in 1995 and is celebrating 25 years of delivering outstanding English National curriculum to students based in Bahrain. Over this last quarter-century, it has evolved and grown considerably with over 3000 students from 86 nationalities. BSB has become one of the most sought-after schools in Bahrain. BSB benefits considerably from being a proud member of Inspired, a leading global schools group operating on five continents with over 70 schools worldwide. Through this membership, BSB is able to access partnerships and programmes that individual schools cannot access, for example, the Inspired partnership with the Berkley School of Music. The British School of Bahrain’s credo is to place the student at the centre of their own education, as expressed in the School’s vision:

Excellence, Responsibility, Individuality.