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First student under 12 to get vaccinated in Bahrain


The British School of Bahrain is proud of its students as the first Pfizer vaccines for under 12 years old are rolled out across the country.

Today saw the launch of the roll out of Bahrain’s Pfizer vaccinations for children aged 5 to 12. Bahrain continues to lead the world in its effective vaccine programme, which is an integral part of the broader measures designed to control the COVID-19 vaccine. One highly motivated student from the British School of Bahrain was lucky enough to hold the magic 001 ticket. The first child under the age of 12 to be vaccinated with Pfizer in Bahrain.

The Executive Headmaster of the British School of Bahrain, Mr John Maguire, stated:

“We are enormously proud of Layth for being brave enough to take the vaccine. Through his actions, Layth showed the school’s values of courage, community, and determination. We are sure many of his peers will quickly follow in his footsteps. Well done, Layth”.

Layth, a Year 5 student at the British School of Bahrain, said that he was pleasantly surprised that the vaccine did not hurt and all and the process was very fast. He commented that the Bahrain medical team were so kind and welcoming to him.

The British School of Bahrain is renowned for being the leading school in the country for preventative measures and providing a safe educational environment. Vaccinations are an essential part of protecting the entire school community alongside strict measures to keep everyone safe.