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This year the British School of Bahrain (BSB) celebrates its best A-Level results on record, improving on the results from last year. This academic success underlines the overall achievements of this cohort who have gained these results despite the impact that the Global pandemic has had on their education.

The 2020 A Level results for the School are:
A*        28.9%            (2019 - 27%)
A*-A     53.3%            (2019 – 39%)
A*-B     68.9%            (2019 – 53%)

While the overall results are outstanding, the BSB value of Individuality remains essential to the heart of the School's ethos. While most results are heartwarming, a small number of individual students have had their grades adjusted by the Awarding Bodies.  The School will now investigate alterations to School predictions, so that, hopefully, grades that are a true reflection of these students' abilities will be restored, and they can celebrate their achievements alongside their peers.


The Head of Seniors, Mr Ridgway, expressed warm congratulations to all of the Year 13 students: "I am so pleased by how the students have risen to every challenge that has presented itself to them this year. They have remained positive, and we are proud not only of their achievements but also the manner in which they have conducted themselves throughout. They are a credit to themselves, their families and the School. We are now supporting those students who have been unfairly disadvantaged by the process and will seek to resolve this as soon as possible".

BSB is delighted by the pupils' unprecedented results in a number of subjects. The success of these students is reflective of the outstanding Virtual Learning Environment that BSB immediately implemented when school campuses were closed across Bahrain in February. Innovative teaching and dedicated students combined to produce some fantastic educational opportunities. The success in the School's VLE and these academic results reflects BSB's ethos to develop the skills needed for the Global leaders of the future. BSB pupils develop independence of learning, self-motivation, passion, confidence, and motivation, among many other traits. These are nurtured both inside and outside the classroom and further encouraged through a newly introduced Enrichment programme of study.

The Executive Headmaster, Mr Maguire, commented on his delight for the Class of 2020: "The achievement so this group of fine students will always be etched into BSB's long history. For my first cohort of pupils, I could not have asked for better. They have been welcoming, imaginative, funny, and these results are a just reward for years of hard work. I am keen that no student be disadvantaged and we will do all we can to ensure that each student receives their correct grades."

These results will certainly have opened the doors to some of the best universities in the world, and the entire BSB community wishes the graduating students the very best for the future.