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The British School of Bahrain students shine with their A-level and AS results.

The British School of Bahrain is once again celebrating its A Level and AS Level results, which were released today, Thursday 17th August 2023, with much cause for celebration by families throughout Bahrain and the world.

a-level and as results


Key highlights

  • Over half of all grades were awarded A*-B
  • 125 A*/A grades were achieved by students
  • 20% of BSB students achieved straight A*- A grades
  • Almost half (47%) of all BSB students achieved at least one A grade


Breadth of Talent

The British School of Bahrain is renowned within the region for providing a world-class holistic education that encourages individuals to pursue their passions while achieving excellent academic results that allow them to progress to the best universities in the world. The results released today reflect BSB’s dedication to academic excellence combined with superb individual support and care. Once again, BSB has cemented itself as the leading British academic institution in Bahrain.

The BSB Class of 2023 are kind, modest, humble and hardworking. As a group of wonderful individual students, they have made a positive mark on the outstanding school that BSB has become, as well as on their local communities. The BSB Class of 2023 has given to the school outstanding academic results, and superb sporting and musical success, as well as leading a plethora of events to raise spirits, raise money for charity and raise awareness of important topics.  These have included Teddy Bear First Aid initiatives for local children, Charity Colour Runs, Charity Football Matches, and Charity Drives to name but a few of the many events and of course, it was this cohort that brought back the BSB BritMun Conference to much acclaim throughout Bahrain.

Today, the entire BSB community joins in celebrating their achievements both in academics and in all other aspects of their time at BSB.


Mr John Maguire, Executive Headmaster, quotes:

“Around Bahrain and the world, there will be so many families celebrating today some wonderful A Level results. It was less than two months ago that we celebrated the graduation of this fantastic cohort in a lavish ceremony. The dignitaries present that evening commented on the breadth of leading universities that the BSB students were graduating to. Pleasingly, with the excellent A Level results released today, most students can progress to their first choice university and go on to great things in the future. BSB has set them up to take the next step in their educational journey.

At BSB, we pride ourselves on treating every student as an individual. While collectively, they have achieved great results, it is the individual stories that we are celebrating today. Half of all students gained at least one A grade, which is a remarkable achievement. However, for some students, even a B grade represented a considerable amount of value that the school and its teachers added to them over this time at BSB. The calculated value added is one of the highest in the school’s recent history representing dedicated individual care and excellent teaching at BSB. 

Today we celebrate every individual student and wish them all the best of luck as they leave for a host of universities across the globe, from Cambridge to Canada, Bath to Bahrain, Dublin to Durban, London to Libson, Manchester to Melbourne and everywhere in between. Good Luck.”


Leading the way in BTEC qualifications.

As the first school in Bahrain to introduce BTEC qualifications, BSB has always been at the forefront of this educational development, with many other schools now following. As has become customary to BSB’s results, the BTEC qualifications are once again outstanding. The school is celebrating outstanding results in BTEC Business, BTEC IT, and BTEC Engineering. Following global awards last year, we are hopeful that, once again, BSB students will be recognised as the best in the world, not just the best in Bahrain.


Individual success stories

There are numerous individual success stories: 

  1. Heba (Head Prefect) - A*A*A*A - Medicine – Trinity College, Dublin
  2. Shiv (Prefect) - A*AA - Medicine – Cardiff University
  3. Mohamed (Head Prefect) - A*A*A - Medicine – University College, Dublin
  4. Pratham - A*A*A*A* - Economics – Cambridge University
  5. Krish - A* A* A* - Computer Science - University of British Columbia, Canada
  6. Anna - A* A* A* A* - Computer Science - University of Warwick
  7. Zainab (Crown Prince Scholar) - A* A A A - Chemical Engineering - Imperial College London
  8. Dana - A* A* A - Medicine - University of Southampton
  9. Yusuf (Crown Prince Scholar) - A* A A - Banking & Finance - Cardiff University
  10. Aleena - A* A* A* - Psychology - University of Toronto, Canada
  11. Ramy - A* A A - Biochemistry - Cardiff University
  12. Manaal - A* A A - Biochemistry - University of Toronto, Canada
  13. Desiree - A* A* A*
  14. Maryam - A* A* A - Education - University of Birmingham
  15. Imraan - A* A* A* A*
  16. Seong Yeon - A* A* A* A*
  17. Shadi - A* A* A* A
  18. Tanya - A* A* A*
  19. Jood - A* A A
  20. Ahmed - A A A