Senior School - Middle school & High School

Hamala, Bahrain


Welcome to the British School of Bahrain Senior School. At BSB Senior School we follow the National Curriculum for England and Wales with adaptations to allow for the international nature of our students and the location of our school in the host nation, the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our curriculum is engaging, challenging and enriching, providing the perfect platform for success at University. Our students are extensively prepared for entry to some of the world’s top universities.

— Wayne Ridgway, Head Teacher of Senior School

Curriculum Overview 

Years 7 to 13

Key stage 3, 4 and 5.

National Curriculum for England and Wales

BSB’s Curriculum

At the British School of Bahrain, we follow the National Curriculum for England and Wales with adaptations to allow for the international nature of our students and also the location of our school in the host nation, the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

Within Senior school, there are three key stages: 

Key stage 3 – Years 7,8,9 
Key stage 4 – Years 10 & 11 (GCSE / IGCSE) – See prospectus
Key stage 5 – Years 12 & 13 (A Levels / BTEC) – See prospectus

Extra curricular

A strong co-curricular programme is an essential element of a BSB education. We have a full range of after school activities each day, to complement the curriculum. 
Clubs run from 3-4pm once per week and are free of charge where there are no specialist resources required. Each club takes place once per week and will be a minimum of 10 weeks (1 academic term). Examples of clubs on offer are:

  • academics
  • sports
  • performing arts
  • student led clubs
  • STEM
  • community
  • languages
  • debating & Model United Nations

Student Support and Guidance


At The British School of Bahrain, we pride ourselves on outstanding pastoral care to support students in achieving academic excellence. Every member of staff in the school shares the ethos of whole child development and recognises the importance of creating optimal conditions for each individual student to maximise their potential for attainment and progress. 

Personal Social and Health Education

An essential aspect of our curriculum enabling students to explore important local and global issues through debate, discussion and activities designed to instil the values that underpin our education. Key skills of independent research, analysis and evaluation are further developed throughout Key Stages 4 and 5 through the completion of an independent study project on a topic of personal interest.

Student Wellbeing

Support 360

The Academic support and Counselling at BSB recognises and promotes that the greatest strength lies in a structure of support rather than battling everyday challenges alone.

Encouraging learning diversities, providing access to learning success for all, tailored support, guidance and assisting with emotional wellbeing and processes of socialisation are all ways of describing what the academic and counselling services at BSB do, but their intention stretches much further than this. 

Blended as a model entitled Support 360. Support 360 is a partnership between counselling, pastoral and academic support.  It ensures a student’s individual needs are supported by a team comprising of key members of staff and any external agencies. It’s ethos lies in that pupil diversity should be celebrated, the individual challenges which students face should be shared and the varied map of Education should be navigated together by providing the strategies and confidence to achieve the highest standard.

It has long been celebrated in the British education system that every child is different. The Learning Hub and Counselling assists to ensure that the community recognises what these differences are and how best it can work with students to ensure that they have the tools they need to be successful in a diverse and inclusive environment. 

Academic mentoring consists of numerous support mechanisms which take into consideration a student's individual needs. These may be subject intervention, Independent Learning support (I.L.S) , a revised location for study which accommodates a student’s needs or organisation and structure to ensure confidence in a student’s own ability.

Counselling is a collaborative process. Identifying a student's needs and moving at their pace to accommodate an issue, provide strategies and develop self awareness and coping is an essential part of the counselling process here at BSB. As part of a nurture approach, the student forms an alliance with the counsellor to ensure that they are assisted in navigating challenges which they face during this crucial phase of development.

Multi-faceted enrichment programme

Beyond BSB

Beyond BSB is an innovative multi-faceted enrichment programme which aims to develop the skills and interests of all students within the BSB Senior School in order to ensure that they are successful when they enter their chosen university and careers.

We offer to students

- Mini-MBA: Aimed at students who aspire to a career in Business or Business Management.
- The Inspired Project: A personal investigation project for students in Year 10 and Year 12. Pupils are expected to devise and complete their own project being supervised by their chosen subject mentor.
- Enrichment Lecture Series: An enriching, weekly, university-level lecture programme, currently delivered via live streaming as a MOOC. Students take part in a variety of academic talks about exciting and engaging topics.
- Subject Enrichment courses: A short programme designed to enhance applications to the world's most prestigious universities, including preparation for entrance assessment.
- University guidance counselling provision .
- Personal skills and Personal Profile seminars.
- Global Business etiquette seminars.

The enrichment lecture series schedule is available to all students, staff and parents via our weekly senior school blog.