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Inspired students have excellent success rates in securing places at the world's leading universities, with 90% attending their first-choice institution and one in three graduates progressing to prestigious Russell Group and Ivy League schools. Throughout their senior education, Inspired students receive invaluable support from dedicated University and Careers Counsellors who possess extensive knowledge of local universities, qualification requirements, and individual student needs.


Our Partners

To help our students secure admission to a top university, Inspired has established exclusive partnerships with renowned U.S. and U.K. university counsellors, Arete Education and The Classroom Door. Both Arete Educational Consulting and The Classroom Door offer preferential rates to our students and seek to support them in their journeys towards exceptional learning outcomes and their desired universities.

Arete Educational Consulting

Arete Educational Consulting is a comprehensive tutoring and educational consulting company dedicated to helping students of all ages achieve their aspirations. They offer personalised packages and have amassed widespread success assisting students in boosting their SAT scores by 300 points and securing admission to Ivy League universities.

By helping students foster positive relationships with learning, Arete equips individuals with the tools to sustain and expand their academic achievements. Arete also provides customised guidance to give students gain top university admission well before the application process. Clients are assigned a dedicated counsellor who advises on summer jobs, extracurricular engagement, and additional skills that may prove crucial for those wishing to stand out in a highly competitive field.

Arete's coaches aim to foster academic excellence by instilling confidence and skills in their students. They diligently identify and address obstacles hindering young learners from securing their dream university placements. Moreover, Arete extends its expertise beyond university counselling, offering language tuition, mathematics and science instruction, humanities support, study skills development, and coaching for school entrance and college admission exams, including the SAT.

When inquiring about preferential rates, please indicate that you are an Inspired customer. To learn more about Arete, visit their website below.


Visit the Arete Education Website

The Classroom Door

To enhance students' chances of securing a university placement at a leading institution, Inspired has established an exclusive partnership with The Classroom Door (TCD). TCD operates a comprehensive educational platform and tutoring marketplace that offers access to a diverse range of exceptional tutors, certified teachers, and expert advisors. Founded by Nikki Geula, a trailblazer in college consulting and tutoring, TCD aims to make elite tutoring and college applications more accessible and affordable worldwide.

Through TCD, our students can receive tutoring sessions led by tutors who work at Ivy League institutions as certified teachers or expert advisors. The platform boasts a remarkable network of 1,500 world-class tutors and counsellors who are experienced in the application process outlined by prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, and Oxford. TDC's professionals provide invaluable guidance throughout the application process and possess a track record of successful university placements. Tutoring sessions start at an affordable rate of just $15 per hour.

TCD operates a subscription-based model and offers self-guided college counselling sessions that cover every aspect of the admissions process. Sessions may focus on specific areas of interest, such as how to craft compelling personal essays and build a college list. Additionally, one-to-one tutoring is available to address diverse academic needs, ranging from kindergarten enrichment to test preparation for the SAT, ACT, GRE or GMAT. They may also cover languages, STEM subjects and graduate school support.

Our students may enter the code 'INSPIRED10' to access preferential rates on The Classroom Door app when booking tutoring or counselling sessions. For more information, please visit The Classroom Door's website.


Visit The Classroom Door Website

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