The British School of Bahrain is renowned for offering the best holistic UK based education within Bahrain. BSB’s core values of Excellence, Responsibility and Individuality underpin everything that we do and are epitomised by our three pillars of Academics, Sports and Creative Arts. Our School in Bahrain prides itself on its close relationship with its parents and we work collaboratively to create a nurturing environment that allows every student to fulfil their potential.


We achieve excellence

Through doing as well as knowing;
Through constantly challenging ourselves to do better;
Through our determination to succeed;
Through our perseverance in the face of challenge; and
Through our enjoyment of learning.



We embrace responsibility

For our own learning.
For our words and actions.
For our local and international community.








We celebrate individuality

By ensuring a variety of approaches to teaching and learning.
By showing respect for other people’s opinions, beliefs and traditions.
By exploring different approaches to solving problems.
By promoting team spirit and diversity.



The BSB provides an excellent educational programme for children who fall within the mainstream spectrum. Within this spectrum, we recognise that every child has his or her own particular learning profile and range of talents and abilities and we endeavour to meet a wide range of individual learning needs in the delivery of our curriculum through a variety of differentiation strategies.