The British School of Bahrain are delighted to share the most recent inspection reports by British School Overseas (BSO) and Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA).

The BSO Scheme is the UK Department for Education’s voluntary inspection scheme for overseas schools. The British School of Bahrain met all eight standards of the BSO report, which gives parents an assurance that the school had been properly inspected and provides students with the knowledge, skills, and qualification they need for the British education system.

In addition to meeting every point in the British Schools Overseas inspection by Penta International, the BQA granted the British School of Bahrain the highest possible rating of 'Outstanding' in all aspects including the quality of outcomes, the quality of process, and the quality of assurance of outcomes and processes.


"BSB provides a very high quality education that meets the needs of its students. The school has numerous outstanding features and is continuing to develop further through innovation."

 - Penta International


"The BSB curriculum is rich and inspiring: students are engaged in their learning. Teachers make good use of the wide range of resources and creative outdoor spaces, to plan interesting lessons across all subject areas. Students’ behaviour is exemplary, and they enjoy school."

 - Penta International


"Students demonstrate outstanding progress in their knowledge, understanding, and skills in almost all the core subjects across the school."

 - Education & Training Quality Authority


"Parents are confident that BSB offers a high level of education based on staff meeting UK current teaching standards."

 - Penta International