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Testimonial Quote
"May I extend my warmest welcome to the British School of Bahrain. I am incredibly proud to be the Executive Headmaster of such a prestigious and successful school. While BSB occupies a beautiful modern campus in the ever-developing area of Hamala, it is the students, staff and parents that make this school what it is. The School was founded on an ethos of a caring, supportive and fun environment that nurtures every child. Many years have passed since the school's inception, but this ethos remains strong. It is this that drew me to the School and the aspect of our school that I relish every day. It is also what draws so many parents to choose BSB over all other schools within the region. The BSB students are a delight – they are hardworking, inquisitive, caring and imaginative. We aspire to develop happy, well-rounded, confident students through our supportive pastoral environment. With over 82 nationalities, we are a truly international school, and our value of individuality is evident in our inclusive atmosphere that respects every person. The School is renowned for its innovative teaching, its use of technology and its culture of academic enrichment that culminates in the exciting Beyond BSB programme. Our students graduate to some of the world's best universities, equipped with both the knowledge and skills that will enable them to be leaders in their chosen careers. I look forward to welcoming you to our campus, where you can meet some students and talk to our staff. We are incredibly proud of our relationship with our parents, and this often begins with a school tour. "
John Maguire, Executive Headmaster


82 Nationalities
Diversity is our strength

Rated 'Outstanding'
by the BQA

An Inspired School,
part of a global network of 64 schools

Fostering global perspective
from an early age

Qualifications for entry into
top global universities

Roots in Bahrain and
growing with the global community

Rich in experience
yet modern & future focused

Unique Reggio Emilia
in Infant School