Working at the BSB

The 2597 students at the BSB are our most outstanding assets. Made up of young people from over sixty countries, our school is an international, multicultural community that is characterised by excellent relationships between students and staff alike. Our students are impeccably behaved, hard working and committed to their own learning. They enjoy their work and their achievements and they live life to the full through their involvement in extra-curricular activities. The students reach high academic levels: the vast majority leave school at 18 with Advanced Level qualifications and go on to good universities world-wide.

We are committed to providing an all-round education for our students and they respond by excelling in many areas of school life. We are a selective school and students are required to pass an English test to ensure they can fully access the curriculum.

The BSB follows a U.K. based curriculum with appropriate modifications for our international context. Our students take GCSE and A Levels.

Pastorally, we are a very caring school in which the happiness and success of every individual is very important to us. All teachers are expected to be form tutors.

Qualifications Requirements

Bachelors Degree (in a subject relevant to the vacancy for which you are applying) or Bachelor of Education

In addition to the above, ONE of the following certificates:

PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education)
QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)
Masters of Education
Equivalent US, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand qualification

Available Vacancies